Who Am I?

What´s my name?

My name is Monika.

Who is Momo then?

Momo is my  alter ego. It is my nickname I use for my blog.

And why Momo?

On my personal Facebook page my uncle commented one of my photos and instead of Monika he wrote Momo and I really liked it.

Where do I live?

I am from Slovakia from this tiny city called Čadca.

Why am I here?

I am here because I used to be creative, I used read a lot of books, I used to dream about being a writer, I used to love painting and drawing even though I was not any good at it, I used to made things, I used to be happy and funny and optimistic but this last year I hit a rock bottom, I started to have depressions, bad mood, pessimistic thoughts, I stopped to dream and believe, I stopped to be happy and creative.

So one day I just started a blog.

I thought to myself that maybe sharing something with others would help me, I would have had a hobby that can sparkle a life in me again, that can sparkle the creative, happy, optimistic girl again and bring me to life.

So here I am.

I did not think about it too much, I just bought a domain and post a first article.

I, now, spend a lot of time doing research how to blog. My blog is not perfect (is there though a perfect blog?). I am working how to make a common design for every post in each category, I am looking for a host site, I am working on a design, I am learning SEO, CSS, how to promote my blog.

It is a lot to write, prepare posts, photos and also do all this research, but I wanted to start writing even though I did not know all the things. I had to start writing, I had to fill my time with something creative and fun because I needed to stop falling down into the depression deeper and deeper.

So yes my posts are not perfect, the pictures are not either, but for now, until I figure out my thing, I just need to post anything and everything, because

I don´t want to fall anymore.

-With love, Momo-