How To Not Get Hit By Bicycles in Amsterdam / Ako sa nenechať zraziť bicyklom v Amsterdame

How To Not Get Hit By Bicycles in Amsterdam / Ako sa nenechať zraziť bicyklom v Amsterdame

The truth is I do not have an answer to question How not to get  hit by bicycles in Amsterdam? But I have an answer to question How to spend beautiful time in Amsterdam.

I really love to plan trips. It is my passion to prepare itineraries even for a one day trip. When I was planning trip to Netherlands that was the happiest I felt in a while.

You can of course download my itinerary here. For inspiration or maybe to follow it exactly. I would love to hear from you if you changed something and let me know if it was any help for you. I can also help you readjust it for you. This itinerary is partly my creativity and one part, to be exact the part of sightseeing of Amsterdam I prepared using

 Journey to Amsterdam

It was a long journey by car. We left home at 6pm on Wednesday. The first stop for us was Zaanse Schans. We arrived there around 10am on Thursday. On google maps the journey from our home to Zaanse Schans is around 12 hours time, but we slept for two hours around 4am in the morning and also there was a traffic jam when entering Amsterdam.



Accommodation in Amsterdam was very pricey. I wanted accommodation in the city center so maybe that is why, but it was so pricey. But on the other hand accommodation in Prague was in the city center as well, and for example when I was visiting Vienna last year, that was in the city center too and both these cities was half the price. This hotel Aalders was 100 EUR per person per night.

The location was perfect. It was not directly in the city center, well it was in the city center but not in the middle. It was on the south edge of city center.

Hotel Aalders is a classic old hotel, very small but nice. There were rooms even more expansive than ours that were really beautiful (I saw them twice when the clean up lady had open doors when cleaning them), with big old beds and beautiful pictures on the walls. We had “cheaper” room and it was small but comfortable.

When we arrived to the hotel I was so tired because of the traveling that I just jumped on the bed to sleep a little, so the photos were taken on the day we were leaving the hotel. That´s why the bed on the photos is not that nicely made.

As I wrote in my post about Prague for me there are 3 things that are the most important when it comes to accommodation:

  1. cleanness – the room was clean, the bed was neatly made, the bathroom was very nice, clean with fresh towels. There was not small bottles with toiletries instead of them next to the basin and in the shower there was on the wall container with soup (for body and hair in one). One point is going down though. We arrived on Thursday and they did not came to clean the room on Friday. There was only a small bin in the room and it was full by Friday evening. On Saturday morning I had to take the bin and I left it outside the door. I think that hotel like this should check the rooms every day. They deserve 4 points out of 5.
  2. comfortable bed – the bed was very comfortable, I slept as baby. A lot of times I experienced small and hard pillows but luckily there were big, fluffy pillows and the mattress was the perfect thickness and the perfect hardness for my back. They deserve 5 points out of 5.
  3. breakfast – the most important meal of day, on working days I get up at 5am and eat breakfast at work from 8 to 10, I am always eating as I work, I stop eating and go to a meeting then finish breakfast later and so on. This is a perfect example how NOT to eat breakfast and I have a resolution that I am going to change it in the next few days, because I know and realize it is wrong. At least I enjoy proper breakfast when I am on a trip or vacation somewhere. At that time I always have breakfast within an hour from waking up. As I wrote in my previous post a lot of hotels don´t focus on breakfast enough. This hotel is there maybe 80% focus and 20% lack of it. Why? The selection was good, but not great. They had milk, yogurt and some cereals, they had nice selection of bread and buns, and also cakes, they had nice selection of teas, you could also drink two different juices and of course coffee. There were hard boiled eggs and two or three salami variations. There was a luck of vegetable and especially fruit. There was only one fruit. I would have appreciated more vegetable and fruit. The worst think though, was cheese. The selection was good two or three but the problem was they were obviously old because the edges were all dry, more than 1cm. That meant they were several days not packaged properly, they tasted all right, you could still eat it but come on. Who wants to eat old dry cheese during vacation. I do not think it would break their budget to toss them and cut fresh cheese. So I am giving them less points not for the lack of food selection but for bad cheese.  They deserve 2 points out of 5.


 First we were so tired of traveling and then so tired of sightseeing that we were not able to go out in the evening to eat. We grabbed bagels, cheese, olives, salami and some salads on our way to hotel after all day walking around the city visiting churches and monuments. We first thought it would be as appetizer but after a shower and when our tired bodies hit the bed, it turned out to be our dinner/picnic in bed.

We went for dinner the last night. It was this nice Greek restaurant, because both of us love gyros. In the “restaurant area” where our hotel was the closest to you could not choose wrongly. When we were walking around we saw people eating and the plates were full of good looking food and I think not only good looking but also it tasted good since all of them were eating happily and on the empty tables the plates were also empty, so that, for me, is a proof of good food.

The Greek restaurant was good as well. For 9 EUR we had a big, I mean really big, plate of gyros, home made french fries, pita bread and tzatziky. And 3 EUR was small bear.

There was another thing that really resonated positively in me. On Friday, during our sightseeing of Red Light District we sat down for a drink, wanted coffee and tea and then it turned around to be 2 bears and nachos. I had never tried nachos before and always wanted to. It was amazing. I was so happy we stopped there for a refreshment.

I already have tortilla chips, avocado, hot sauce and cheese in my fridge for this weekend. Nachos night!!!! Hooray!!!!



You can read about all the things we saw in my itinerary. I will not go through all the things we saw. I want to mention only two things.

  1. Zaanse Schans – it is a peaceful village, something like open air museum. You can go there without paying the entry fee because there actually is no entry fee, but if you want to also visit the mills you have to buy ticket. And you can either buy one ticket at the entry to the Zaanse Schans and you can visit everything without any additional fees or you can pay separately for each mill you want to visit. At least this is how I understood it. We did not buy any tickets. We only walked around, had some lemonade and take a lot of pictures of the scenery. It was beautiful.
  2. Churches in Amsterdam – a big disappointment for us. Why? Because as I wrote in the previous post about Prague I love to visit churches whenever I go. They have this beautiful, interesting architecture, each one is unique, different, they are monumental and they are peaceful. When I enter the church there is quite, there is calm, there is peace that immediately fill my heart and my mind. I can talk to God, I can cry, I can think, I can enjoy the beautiful columns inside the church, the colorful windows, the old organs, I can pray for my family and friends, for our world, I can pray for myself to become better, to focus more, to try harder, to be healthier.

Overall Feelings and Main Points

  • beautiful architecture
  • old city
  • fun
  • vibrant
  • crazy
  • interesting history
  • amazing dancing houses
  • crazy fast bicycles everywhere
  • cheese
  • friendly atmosphere
  • happy
  • “stress-less”
  • smell of weed everywhere

Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.

-Frank Borman-

Pravdou je, že nepoznám odpoveď na otázku Ako sa nenechať zraziť bicyklom v Amsterdame. Ale poznám odpoveď na to ako stráviť v Amsterdame úžasné chvíle.

Naozaj zbožňumem plánovať výlety. Je to moja vášeň, pripravovať itineráre dokonca aj pre jednodňový výlet. Keď som plánovala výlet do Holandska bola som šťastná ako blcha.

Samozrejme si opäť môžete stiahnuť môj itinerár a to tu. Buď ako inšpiráciu pre Váš výlet alebo môžete cestu naplánovať presne podľa neho. Budem rada keď mi dáte vedieť či ste niečo urobili inak a či Vám ten môj plán bol nejak nápomocný. Kto bude chcieť môžem mu tiež pomôcť ten môj upraviť. Čast itineraru je moja tvorba a časť, konkrétne pochôdzkovanie po Amsterdame som si pripravila pomocou stránky

Cesta do Amsterdamu

Bola to dlhá cesta autom. Z domu sme odchádzali o 6 večer v Stredu. Prvá zastávka bola dedinka Zaanse Schans. Dorazili sme tam okolo 10 hodiny ráno vo Švrtok. Na mapách google síce cesta od nás do Zaanse Schans vychádza na približne 12 hodín, ale dve hodiny sme sa o 4 ráno prespali na odpočívadle a tiež sme sa pri vstupe do Amsterdamu zasekli v kolóne.


Ubytovanie v Amsterdame bolo veľmi drahé. Chcela som ubytovanie priamo v centre mesta, takže možno to bolo tým. Ale na druhej strane ubytovanie v Prahe bolo tiež v centre mesa a napríklad ubytovanie vo Viedni kde sme boli minulý rok bolo tiež priamo v centre a obe boli o polovičku lacnejšie ako ubytovanie v Amsterdame. Tento hotelík Aalders stál 100 EUR na osobu na noc.

Umiestnenie hotela bolo super. Nebolo to priamo v strede centra, bolo to v centre ale na jeho južnom okraji.

Hotel Aalders je klasický starý hotel, veľmi malý ale príjemný. Boli tam aj izby ktoré boli drahšie ako tá naša a tie boli naozaj nádherné (videla som ich dva razy keď pani upratovačka mala otvorené dvere keď ich upratovala), mali veľké stré postele a úžasné obrazy na stenách. My sme mali “lacnejšiu” izbu, ktorá bola maličká ale pohodlná.

Pri príchode do hotela som bola z cesty taká unavená že som sa rovno zvalila na posteľ a zdriemla si, takže fotky sú robené v deň odchodu, preto tá posteľ nie je tak pekne ustlaná.

Ako som písala v mojom článku o Prahe, sú pre mňa dôležité tri veci keď príde rada na ubytovanie:

  1. čistota – izba bola čistá, posteľ pekne ustlaná, kúpeľňa bola veľmi pekná, čístá a s úhľadne poskladanými uterákmi. Neboli tam tie malé fľaštičky s toaletnými potrebami ale miesto nich bola hneď vedľa umyvadla a tiež v sprchovom kúte na stene nádoba s tekutým mydlom ( pre telo aj vlasy). Jeden bol strhávam a to za vynesenie smetného koša. Ubytovali sme sa vo štvrtok a izbu nám v piatok vôbec neprišli upratať. Vadilo mi to hlavne kvôli tomu, že tam bol iba jeden maličký kôš, ktorý bol už v piatok večer preplnený. V sobotu ráno som ho teda musela vyniesť von pred dvere aby si ho niekto všimol. Myslím si že v takomto hoteli by izby mali skontrolovať každý deň. Takže si zaslúžia 4 body z 5.
  2. pohodlie postelí – posteľ bola veľmi pohodlná. Spala som ako zarezaná. Veľa krá som mala skúsenosti s malinkými vankúšmi, ale našťastie tu tomu tak nebolo. Vankúše boli pekne načuchorené. Matrac bol perfektnej hrúbky a tvrdosti, tak akurát pre môj chrbát. Zaslúžia si 5 bodov z 5.
  3. raňajky – najdôležitejšie jedlo dňa, v pracovné dni vstávam o 5 ráno a raňajky väčšinou jem až medzi 8 a 10 hodinou doobeda, vždy ich jem popri práci, koľkokrát mám prestávku a idem niečo vybaviť a potom zase ich dojedám. Je to perfektný príklad ako NEJESŤ raňajky. Už dlho mám také predstavzatie že to zmením, pretože si uvedomujem že to nie je zrovna ideálne. Ale aspoň keď som na výlete tak si uzívam poriadne raňajky. Na výlete či dovolenke vždy raňajkujem do hodiny od kedy vstanem. Ako som písala aj v predchádzajúcom článku, veľa hotelov sa dosť nevenuje práve príprave raňajok. Tento hotel je tak na 80% zameraný na raňajky a 20% nepozornosť či ľahostajnosť. Výber bol celkom dobrý, nie úplne skvelý. Bolo tam mlieko, jogurt a nejaké cereálie, celkom dobrý výber chleba, pečiva a koláčov, tiež dobrý výber čajov, okrem toho káva a dva druhy džúsov. Boli tam vajíčka na tvrdo a dva či tri druhy salám. Ale bolo tam málo zeleniny a hlavne ovocia. Avšak najhoršia vec bol syr. Výber bol dobrý, dva či tri druhy ale tá “čerstvosť”, okraje syra boli obschnuté aj viac ako 1cm okolo okraja. Bolo jasné že boli niekoľko dní nesprávne zabalené, neboli pokazené, dali sa zjesť, ale uznajte. Kto už chce jesť na dovolenke obschnutý syr. Nemyslím si, že to je veľká rana na rozpočet hotela aby nakrájaný syr ktorý sa nezje  vymenila na druhý deň za čerstý. Takže dávam im menej bodov ani nie tak za menší výber ale za obschnutý syr. Zaslúžia si teda 2 body z 5.


Najprv sme bol unavený z cestovania a potom z celodenného chodenia že sme ani nebolli schopný ísť večer niekde na dobrú večeru a miesto toho sme si urobili perfektný piknik v posteli. V obchode sme zhrabli bagetu, syry, salamku, olivi a šaláty k tomu dobré víno. Najprv sme to plánovali len ako predjedlo a že sa po sprche vyberieme na večeru ale nakoniec sa to premenilo na celovečerný piknik / večeru v posteli.

Posledný večer v Amsterdame sme sa ale vybrali omrknúť nočný život. Zakotvili sme v jednej gréckej reštaurácií lebo obaja zbožňujeme gyros. Čo sa týka reštaurácií na námestí v blízkosti hotela sa ani nedalo zle vybrať. Keď sme pomedzi ne prechádzali bolo vidieť na každom tanieri úžasne vyzerajúce jedlá a myslím si že všetky aj dobre chutili, lebo ľudia jedli s chuťou a radosťou a nechávali na stoloch doslova “vypucované” taniere a to je pre mňa dôkazom dobrého jedla.

Nami vybraný podnik bol taktiež dobrý. Za 9 EUR na osobu sme mali riadne veľký ale naozaj veľký tanier s gyrosom, hranolkami, pita chlebom a tzatziky. K tomu sme si dali aj po malom pive a to za 3 EUR na osobu.

Ešte jedna vec, čo sa týka jedál, má v Amsterdame potešila. V paitok, počas našich pochôdzok po pamiatkach, konkrétne v tzv. Dištrikte červených svetiel, sme sa zastavili na malé občerstvenie, najprv sme si chceli dať kávu a čaj ale nakoniec z toho boli dve pivá a “načos”. Ešte nikdy som predtým načos nemala ale vždy som ich chcela vyskúšať a boli úžasné. Bola som veľmi nadšená že som ich konečne mala možnosť ochutnať.

Aj teraz mám v kuchini pripravené tortilla čipsy, avokádo, pálivú omáčku a syr na víkend. Načos večeeeer!!! Jupííí!!!


V itineráry si môžete prečítať o všetkých pamiatkach ktoré sme navštívili. Nebudem tu opisovať jednu po druhej. Zmienim sa iba o dvoch veciach.

  1. Zaanse Schans – je to pokľudná dedinka, je to vlastne múzeum. Môžete sa ňou prejsť zadarmo ale ak by ste chceli navštíviť aj mlyny ktoré sa tam nachádzajú tak tam už sa vstupné platí. Buď pri vstupe do každého z nich zvlášť alebo si kúpite pri vstupe lístok, vďaka ktorému sa potom dostane všade zdarma. Aspoň tak som tomu porozumela ja. My sme si lístok pri vstupe nekúpili a ani do žiadneho z mlynov. Len sme si urobili príjemnú prechádzku skrz celé mestečko, dali sme si limonádu a pofotila som si tú krásnu pokojnú scenériu.
  2. Kostoly v Amsterdame – tu u mňa nsatalo veľké sklamanie. A prečo? Pretože milujem navštevovať kostoly, ako som aj spomínala v článku o Prahe, všade kde idem tak práve kostoly sú moje obľubené miesto. Majú úžasnú architektúru, každý z nich je jedinežný, monumentálny a najme nesmierne pokojný. Keď tam vojdem do toho úžasného ticha, cítim pokojnú atmosféru a moje srdce aj dušu okamžite naplní práve pokoj a mier. Môžem sa porozprávať s Bohom, môžem si poplakať, môžem popremýšlať a vychutnať si tie úžasné stĺpy vnútri kostola, farebné okná, staré orgány, môžem sa pomodliť za svoju rodinu, priateľov, za lepší svet, môžem sa pomodliť za seba aby som sa polepšila vo veciach v ktorých to potrebujem, aby som sa viac sústredila, viac snažila, aby som bola zdravšia.

Celkový pocit a hlavné body

  • krásna architektúra
  • staré mesto
  • zábava
  • plné života
  • šialené
  • zaujímavá história
  • úžasné tancujúce budovy
  • šialené rýchle bicykle všade navôkol
  • syr
  • priateľská atmosféra
  • veselé mesto
  • “stress-less”
  • takmer všade prítomná vôňa marihuany

Bádanie je naozaj podstatou ľudského ducha. 

-Frank Borman-



  1. Johny
    October 18, 2016 / 10:26 am

    it is a very nice blog

    • October 18, 2016 / 10:35 am

      Thank you so much, it is nice to hear 🙂

  2. January 8, 2017 / 1:10 pm

    Na to je nejlepsi byt sam cyklistou 🙂 Jezdeni na kole do prace mi chybi, kdyz jsem v NL chvili pobyvala, zvykla jsem si na to rychle. Bajecny zivotni styl 🙂

    • January 11, 2017 / 7:27 pm

      Veru pravda, je to skvely zivotny styl, aktivny a zdravy!

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